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Theme - Runes

Runes, small stones, and pieces of bones bearing symbols with magical significance.

“Runes” historically served purposes of magic; it also describes the subtle but significant cornerstones that make up a heritage. SJC has been a historical landmark in Hong Kong for 148 years, renowned for our academic results and the unique architecture of the buildings. Yet, as we approach a new era, let us not forget all the small pieces and bricks that make up this sensational school — Josephians. For this reason, we are proud to announce this year’s theme — Runes. 

Present and former students of Saint Joseph’s always take pride in being Josephians. We are always prepared for changes within and beyond the school. Even in times of challenges, we, Josephians,  persevere and never fall. We are the glimmering stars who illuminate the places we go.

Runes is a perfect description of the roles Josephians carry throughout our lives, and towards our school. Like a cornerstone of a heritage, like tepid rain in a desert, complementing the glorious name of Saint Joseph’s College.

Sons of Saint Joseph’s valiant and true.



Venue: St. Joseph's College, 7 & 26 Kennedy Road, Mid-Levels, HK

Admission: 10:00-19:45


  • From MTR Admiralty Station or Central Station

  • Minibus Route 28/1A/9

  • Bus Route 23/40/103/12A

  • Garden Road 3              $16/hr

  • Coda Plaza                     $22/hr  (Free after 6 hours)

  • Cheung Kong Centre   $31/hr


Campus Map



1000-1045: Opening Ceremony

Venue: Football Field

Runes' official kick-off ceremony. The Green and White Day commences as our guest-of-honour, principal, and the Students' Union's president give respective welcoming speeches.

1045-1100: The OBA Sports Chapter Launching Ceremony

Venue: Football Field

As we collect multiple sports accolades this year, our school along with the Old Boys' Association will celebrate this remarkable occasion with a sports chapter event.

1100-1200: Speech performance

Venue: Football Field

Once again, our school has an outstanding performance during the Speech Festival, receiving multiple awards in various genres. Ranging from Chinese, and English to Putonghua. This programme would be a perfect opportunity for these well-performed speakers to showcase their talents and deliver stunning performances.

1200-1230: Cultural fashion show by Non-Chinese students

Venue: Football Field

As we celebrate the diversity of students and cultures in St. Joseph's College, our Non-Chinese students will deliver a unique and one-of-a-kind fashion show.

1230-1300: PTA presents- 「校長撈喜」Principal’s Greeting

Venue: Football Field

SJCPTA proudly presents the “Principal’s Greeting” in celebration of SJC 148th Anniversary Open Day and Achievements. This time our guests can watch our respected Principal, Ms. Wong Yuen Fan, performing on stage how to make “Prosperity Toss Salad”, together with the Chairperson of SJCPTA and the Parent Manager of SJCIMC. The aim is to toss higher each time, while wishing the Josephian community good fortune for the year. The salad prepared by our Principal and an SJC cup cake will be offered as a small gift to those who have made monetary donations to support school improvement activities (*Redemption of small gift is available on a first-come-first-serve basis and while stock lasts).

1300-1430: Music performance

Venue: Football Field

Our school has been renowned for our outstanding musical flairs for many years. With that said, our school's music boys will deliver a stunning music performance featuring a wide range of instruments and music genres.

1430-1520: Junior Committee Programme

Venue: Football Field

The junior committee of the Students' Union will host a programme featuring a selection of mass games. During the programme, teachers will be divided into two teams and compete against each other. Audience members are welcome to participate in the games too!

1520-1715: Internal Talent Quest (ITQ) Semi-Finals performance

Venue: Football Field

After a tough heat round, the selected performers proceeded to the semi-finals of the Internal Talent Quest. With their diverse gifts, the performances will be splendid and enjoyable.

1725-1820: Senior Committee Programme

Venue: Football Field

This event will feature another group of teachers, and teachers will compete with students. They will participate in another set of games, and it will be equally entertaining and fun to watch. Excited to see your teachers’ fun side? This is your chance!

1825-1900: Teachers' Performance

Venue: Football Field

Teachers usually have a respectable image and reputation, but have you ever wondered how they sound like? Surprisingly, many of them have spectacular voices. Through this programme, teachers will unfold their subtle sides and deliver a soulful music performance.

1900-1930: Closing Ceremony

Venue: Football Field

The closing ceremony marks the end of the Green and White Day. Although we won't reveal the details of the ceremony, we can assure you that it would be packed with a sea of emotions. As we close our curtains, we will embark on a new journey toward the future.



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