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Vision 22


St Joseph’s College is well-known for its glorious 146 years of history. St Joseph’s has conceived more than ten thousand Josephians, from groups of vibrant teenagers to mature, full-grown men. Since 1918, the present site - 7 Kennedy Road has been put in use, while the 26 Kennedy Road campus has been put in use since 2018. Despite its glorious past, it is undoubted that St Joseph’s College is small in size, and it is time for an upgrade of Josephians’ beloved home - “Vision 22” is here to serve the purpose.

“Vision 22” is a long-term renovation plan of the 7 Kennedy Road campus. This declared historical monument, is set for a $500 million redevelopment, for the first time in decades. The plan has an estimated length of 22 years, as suggested by its name, and is expected to be fully-completed by 2042. The plan involves three separate phases. The redevelopment includes the construction of a new swimming pool, a student dormitory, a new entrance, an innovation hub and a black box theatre.

Vision 22’s mission is to provide Josephians with the best and most relevant education, and to provide a home away from home.


The main conceptual considerations of Vision 22 are Integration, Flexibility, Holistic Education, Independence and Heritage and Appreciation.


-Integration: Student Activities Hub, Faculty Hub, Innovation Hub

-Flexibility: Learning Hub, Innovation Hub

-Holistic Education: New Hall Block Rebuild, Performance Hub

-Independence: Life Experience Hub

-Heritage and Appreciation: Heritage and Appreciation Hub


With all these upgrades, Josephians are set for an even better future.

Phase I

Phase I of Vision 22 is scheduled to complete by 2022. It features a few new hubs: the Faculty Hub, Innovation Hub, Student Activities Hub, Heritage and Appreciation Hub, Learning Hub (part 1) and a classroom upgrade.

Faculty Hub
The construction of the Faculty Hub is for the goods of both teachers and students. Since there are 2 campuses and 7 staff rooms in total, it has been inconvenient for teachers who have to go to another campus for teaching, as well as for students who wish to find teachers. The Faculty Hub is therefore built to solve such problems and provide a better working environment to teachers. The Hub will be located on the second floor of K7 campus, replacing the original staff rooms. All teachers will be relocated to this hub, in which teachers can hold meetings.

Innovation Hub
The Innovation Hub consists of 4 elements: a computer lab, steam lab, discussion area and a Visual Arts audio. First of all, the computer lab will be providing all sorts of advanced IT equipment which students require for their research in projects, homework, etc. Other than that, the STEAM lab aims to help students learn more about science, and to elicit their interest in science. Furthermore, the discussion area provides a suitable venue for students to hold their club meetings or project meetings, such that they do not have to go through complicated procedures to book for classrooms. Last but not least, the Visual Art audio provides a venue for students to produce their creative artworks. The Innovation Hub provides a vast amount of support for the all-rounded development of Josephians.

Students Activities Hub
The Students Activities Hub, located at the base level of the new building, includes a basketball court, new gym room and a multi-functional room, acting as a stressless place for physical activities of our sporty Josephians. The basketball court has a size of 90 ft x 50 ft, which is very close to that of a standard one. Different competitions and activities can be held in the court, such as interclass basketball competitions and sports teams trainings. Other than these, Josephians can utilize their recess and free time after school, exercising with friends to develop healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the new gym room will provide professional gym equipment, for example, push-up bars and dumbbells. It targets Josephians who aim to build a better body shape and exercise more. Finally, the multi-functional room has facilities like tables and benches, students can spend time with friends or do group projects there in a silent environment

Classroom Upgrade
Desks and chairs in our school have been old and badly repaired, ‘tanks’ for form one students even have a decade’s history. Though these objects are invaluable, it’s time to make a change such that Joesphians can have better desks and chairs thus a better learning atmosphere. In such environment, students will be more focused during 

Heritage and Appreciation Hub
The Heritage and Appreciation Hub is located next to the main entrance. There will be a TV screen displaying wall, and a meeting room. The displaying wall has a donor wall at its front while the meeting room will have a wall for our school history and trophies wall recording marvelous performances of Josephians. The displaying wall will be showing videos of our school’s achievements while the donor wall is set up as a symbol of the great thanks to generous old boys. The Hub is built to let Josephians remember our school’s glorious past.

Learning Hub (Part 1)
For Learning Hub, the vision 22 project will bring Josephians a new canteen and a new library. The new canteen will be connected with the new library, for convenience such that they can borrow books right after they finish their lunch. The library will contain a varieties of books and there will be more than current one. Other than these, a study room will also be constructed in order to provide a quiet environment for studious students. Hope that the Learning Hub can help Josephians learn more and explore more by themselves and develop their talents and strengths.

Phase II

The second phase of the development is expected to be done by 2030, which consists of the construction of a learning hub (part 2) and a performance hub.

Learning Hub (Part 2)

With the addition of the new Learning Hub, students are provided with more spaces to revise and learn comfortably instead of having to revise only in the library. Moreover, the new Learning Hub is connected to the innovation hub, which provides great flexibility for students in our school. The Learning Hub is built in the space between the future library, canteen and yard. Through the Learning Hub, Josephians can definitely have a better school life, and bring honour to our school.

Performance Hub

With the Performance Hub, students no longer need to limit all their activities inside the hall, for example the Religious Drama by the Christian Union. On the other hand, the Performance Hub can also provide a place for students in our school to have fun or even perform in their own will. The Performance Hub will be built at the space above the third entrance near the Peak Tram station. With the addition of the new Performance Hub, students can have a more holistic and  unforgettable school life.

Phase III

The South Block started its construction works in 1963 to replace the original Club Germania, which houses the higher forms’ classrooms. Facilities like senior laboratories and a computer room(MultiMedia Learning Centre) are also located at the South Block. However, at that time of development, a New Hall Block was also built. The Phase III of the Vision 22 project is the last stage of the 3-staged rebuild plan, which costs about HKD430M. This stage of rebuilding mainly focuses on the New Hall Block, which has started aging and may not meet the needs for the future developments of SJC. Therefore, this plan is believed to solve the problem. The current New Hall Block consists of 2 floors, where Staff room E, Staff room F, ITLC(Information Technology Learning Centre) and the New Hall are located. According to the project, the entire New Hall Block will be reconstructed into a building of 8 floors, with new facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, a basketball court and dormitories(Life Experience Hub).

Life Experience Hub

With the construction of the life experience hub, student dormitories will also be built. The student dormitories will be able to house over 30 students. Different classes will be allocated to the dormitories in a one month interval, to help them build independence and learn how to provide themselves with basic personal care, without the assistance of their families. Students are also expected to develop better interpersonal relationships after living with their fellow classmates for a month. Besides the dormitories, a black-box theatre, namely the Performance Hub will also be constructed. There, students will be able to showcase their various talents with professional equipment.

Reconstruction of the side-entrance

The famous “side-entrance/exit”, located on St. Joseph’s Path, is where many Josephians dismiss after school to Admiralty or Central. However, currently, the side-exit is often congested by students during the “rush hours”. Vision 22 proposes that the current “old and shabby” gate will be replaced by a new and modern looking glass entrance with our school’s full name “Saint Joseph’s College” above it, emphasizing our school spirit, the Josephian spirit, or the Green & White spirit.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Our students are notoriously talented in swimming, and our swimming team has won numerous trophies and medals throughout its lifetime. Despite this, SJC still does not have a standard size swimming pool for students to train in, which can be a disadvantage in the long term. In light of this issue, Vision 22 proposes the construction of a standard-size swimming pool, such that students can train and also enjoy water sports within school grounds.

Standard-Size Basketball Court
Josephians are not only talented in swimming, they are also extremely talented when it comes to basketball. However, there isn’t a standard-size basketball court in school grounds, and talented Josephians cannot practice proficiently. Therefore, with Vision 22, a standard-size basketball court is planned to be constructed. Not only will members of the basketball team be able to practice for competitions, but the larger basketball court can also serve as an activity hub for all students, they can use it for its intended purpose, but also use it for events that demand a large space.

With the completion of Phase III, Vision 22 is completed, with loads of attractive new facilities. SJC will surely keep its competitiveness for generations.

Vision 22

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