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Opening Ceremony

10:00 am - 

10:30 am

Everything starts here. Guest of honour, Professor Lo Yuk Ming Dennis, SBS, JP, honourable guests, Supervisor, Principal, and President of the Students' Union are invited on stage. A simple yet memorable ceremony kick-starts the day-long programme.

Grand Opening of 26 Kennedy Road Annex

10:50 am -

11:00 am

The centennial anniversary of the Kennedy 7 campus marks the opening of the Kennedy 26 annex.

A century of education at Kennedy 7 nurtured a century of elites. St. Joseph's prides itself in its mission and vision of educating the youth and cradling the future pillars of society. Through the KR26 annex, a new century of St. Joseph's unveils. A new chapter in St. Joseph's chronicles.

Junior Committee Programme

1:20 pm -

2:20 pm

You already know that all our teachers are armed with sharp wits. Therefore, a segment of our programme, presented by Junior Committee members of the Students' Union, will feature teachers engaging in three exciting and challenging games. These games are designed to test their physical capabilities, as well as the extensive knowledge of our teachers.

If you are eager to witness a breath-taking battle between your favourite teachers, we are waiting for you on the Main Stage!

Senior Committee Programme

5:10 pm -

6:00 pm

Have you ever wanted to listen to the stories of their school lives? If so, don't miss out on the Senior Committee Programme which features their own chronicles, and even some gossips here and there!

There is also a special session featuring special guests! Follow our page to receive updates!

Closing Ceremony

6:55 pm -

7:30 pm

Sorry, but no spoilers! However, one thing we can tell you is that you can surely expect an emotional end to chronicle.

Join us as the curtains close.

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