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Chronicle — Our very first chapter


A legacy.
A song.
A tale.
A story.


The chronicle of any Josephian starts at our humble campus. St. Joseph's - our stage, our chessboard where we set our pieces, our canvas for a portrait of the soul. It is the home of our heroes, where they journey from simple-minded children into fully-fledged adults.


St. Joseph's is the cradle of every Josephian. And her story is a Josephian's chronicle.

K26 Opening Poster.jpg

G R A N D   O P E N I N G 

26  K E N N E D Y  R O A D   A N N E X

The centennial anniversary of the Kennedy 7 campus marks the opening of the Kennedy 26 annex.

A century of education at Kennedy 7 nurtured a century of elites. St. Joseph's prides itself in its mission and vision of educating the youth and cradling the future pillars of society. Through the KR26 annex, a new century of St. Joseph's unveiled. A new chapter in St. Joseph's chronicles.

G R E E N  A N D  W H I T E  D A Y

2 7 . 1 . 2 0 1 9

Green and White.  The colours that define Josephians.  They represent the Josephian Spirit, the beliefs of brotherhood and fraternity, borne by all Josephians over the century of St. Joseph's College's legacy. 


On the annual Green and White Day, the campus of St. Joseph's transforms into a school-wide showcase, allowing guests and visitors to take a gander at the glory of Josephians.  Manifesting the much-valued autonomy and freedom given by the school, students organise the grand event all by themselves, showing their outstanding talents to the outside.



On 27th January 2019, the 144th Anniversary Green and White Day will be held, featuring stalls and performances.  Come and witness the Green and White Spirit in action!

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