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Academic Clubs



今年國藝會攤位,將會以中國名著為主題,屆時將有關主題的各種展覽及攤位遊戲之外,更會售賣各種狗年公仔,以及即席揮毫寫揮春的環節,及早迎接新春狗年的到來。 同學的中文科的作品和成績亦一併展示。事不宜遲,行樂須及春,請大家支持我們國藝會的攤位!






Life at Different Angles

Biology and Conservation Association

The stall of the Biology and Conservation Association will be set up throughout the Green and White Day.  During demonstrations, Executive Committees of the Association will undergo rat dissection to show you the structures of mice in a not-so-boring way.  You can perform interesting experiments such as making bookmarks from leaves as well, all the while appreciating the beauty of nature.  Fascinating biology facts and environmental conservation information will also be on display.


A Voyage through Economics

Economics Society

Economics is prominent in every spectrum of our daily lives.  It is why we, as a newly-established club, are here at the Green and White Day – to explore with you the wonders of Economics through a series of games and showcases of Josephians' works, not to mention our range of souvenirs!  Hesitate no more – see you on 28th January!


The English Cabin

English Society

Did somebody say popcorn?  Or did they say hot chocolate?  Why not both?

On the 143rd Anniversary Green and White Day, the English Society is proud to present to our guests a wide range of luxurious souvenirs, as well as a great variety of mouthwatering foods and beverages.

Ranging from heart-melting hot chocolate to gorgeous folders, or even customized wireless chargers, visitors can enjoy our productions at the English Society café while playing games and acquiring a taste of the outstanding masterpieces of our Josephians.

If you can't wait to try the finest goods and services that Josephians have to offer, you're not alone.  Be sure to come and visit the English Society room for a wonderful experience.


French Café

French Club

As one of the school's leading language clubs, we shall be opening the French Café to promote French culture and cultivate an interest in the French language.  Enjoy a plate of French crêpes with a cup of hot chocolate, or a Croque Monsieur, while watching a French movie and listening to French music.  À bientôt!  See you soon!


Geography Society

Our stall will be featuring fun and interactive games, as well as movie-watching that are related to the field of geography.  Unique merchandises will also be sold.  Come by and visit our booth on this special occasion!


Cultural Spectacle in Green and White

Liberal Studies & Integrated Humanities Society

Given the rich history the city we call home bestows, it is only fitting for us to dedicate our Green and White Day stall to Traditional Culture in Hong Kong.  Visit our stall for a taste of the rich cultural elements in Hong Kong through a variety of fun and interactive games, exhibitions, and exquisite souvenirs!  See you there!


Have Fun with Mathematics

Mathematics Society

Our club stall is mainly for educational and academic purposes.  The club stall will provide some speed calculations and quizzes for visitors to attempt, with an interval of half an hour per test.  The club stall will also explain some of the questions of the past paper in the Mathematical Olympiads.


The Magic of Science

Science Society

We will be opening the Junior Chemistry Lab to the public and also demonstrating some experiments in accordance with this year's theme, the magic of the elements.  On the day, the Lab will be divided into 4 sectors, each with a specific elemental theme.  Astounding experiments such as slime makings, invisible ink, etc., with be conducted.  A photo booth will also be set up for you to record your magical journey in the fields of science.

Interest Clubs

Artistry Garden

Aesthetic Society

This year, the Aesthetic Society proudly presents a variety of workshops, activities, and products for sale, including a neon light workshop, a leather keychain workshop, and many more.  We will also exhibit outstanding artworks from our students in the previous years. Come find us in the Art Room!


Photo Studio

Camera Club

On the Green and White Day, the Camera Club aims to display the artistic nature of photography in the form of Light Painting, available at the Camera Club Booth.  Due to its huge popularity and success last year, Instax Photography will be making a comeback and will also be available at our booth.


Let's Make a Move!

Chess Club

Being one of the interest clubs in SJC, the Chess Club presents to you entertaining yet intricate chess games.  Different kinds of chess games will be provided, all of which are uniquely sophisticated, bringing you the joys of which you may not have expected.  Simple cardboard chess will also be sold at our booth.  Have a good time here!


Silicon Valley

Computer Society

Our booth is going to display our featured souvenirs, including USBs and Mobile Charger.  We are also going to hold a typing game.  Receive a stamp from us if you can type more than 30 words per minute!


The Original Sin

Drama Club

Wanna know more about our drama performance?  Check out THE ORIGINAL SIN productions at our stall in the school playground!


歷史長河 萬年風雲 // Historical and Memorial

History Society

As a small-scale society, the History Society is eager to promote the interests in learning the history of our school and the world.  The Green and White Day is, therefore, a perfect opportunity to help raise visitors and students' interest and knowledge in history, helping our society to accomplish our goal.  Our booth contains bulletin boards which introduce the rich history of SJC, sales of souvenirs of historical topics, and games with historical elements.


Music Society

This year the Music Society continues their tradition of performing on the annual Green and White Day.  We will provide an excellent classical music experience for visitors in the morning.  Music-themed souvenirs designed by the music boys of our school will also be available for sale at our booth!

Religious Club

Religious Corner

Christian Union

As the Catholic club of St. Joseph’s College, we hope to promote the Christian spirit of our school by selling interesting products embodying religious features.  We will also display information about religious matters such as the relationship between China and Vatican, and the Encyclical Letter by the Holy See and His Holiness himself this year.

Service Clubs/ Groups

Uncharted Area

First Hong Kong Group

Come and set off to the unknown area of the Landmark.  In this uncharted area, with joyful projects done by the scouts and vividly designed souvenirs introduced by the venture scouts, feel the charm of scouting.


Crime Scene

Junior Police Call

"Is this 911?  Someone… SOMEONE JUST GOT MURDERED!!!"

On the 143rd Anniversary Green and White Day, the Junior Police Call proudly presents you ‘Crime Scene’, a detective game in which you are called in to investigate an obscure crime scene.  Find clues to crack the enigmatic murder.  Psst!  You may also learn more about Junior Police Call along the way!

Detective, we need your help.


Wheelchair Challenge

Red Cross Youth Unit 17

There is a wide variety of circumstances that result in the necessity to live life in a wheelchair.  Many of those could be experienced by you.  The Wheelchair Challenge provides you with an opportunity to have a first-hand experience of what life is like in a wheelchair.


SJACD 50th – The New Era

St. John Ambulance St. Joseph’s Ambulance Cadet Division

Our booth is divided into three parts.  For the first part, we will be showcasing our souvenirs.  Our game will be featured in the second part.  For the last part, we will be promoting the essentials kits of the St. John’s Ambulance.

Sports Clubs

Aquatic Club

The Swimming Team of St. Joseph's College has always been one of the best in Hong Kong, attaining myriads of achievements and awards in the centuries of its legacy.  Our swimmers will showcase to you the past history, contemporary achievements, and future goals of the Swimming Team.  Exquisite souvenirs will also be on sale for visitors to recall fondly!


Shooting Star

Basketball Club

Want a challenge?  Come to the Shooting Star Challenge on the Basketball Court!  Do some dribble tracks first, then shoot at 3 different points.  Time is of the essence here.  Be the fastest and leave your name on the leaderboard!


Fencing Club

The newly-established Fencing Club will show different types of fencing equipment and also demonstrate fencing through ways of videos and mobile games!  Come and check it out!


Table Tennis Challenge

Table Tennis Club

We are going to serve a ball with topspin and answering the questions inside the cup they got in.  5 chances will be given, in which you will receive a stamp from us if you get one correct, and two for 3 correct, and three for all correct.