Our Cabinet  -  Ecliptic Conatus

Ecliptic Conatus is a striving force that assemble Josephians to the ecliptic, the place where we unite as one.

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Download schedules, forms, and official documents provided by the Students' Union.

You can find the information in the documents below.

Clubs are advised to fill in and follow the format of forms for official club documents.

Financial documents


For all soft-copy PA requests, please send the message, along with the club/team name, in the body text (rather than a separate Word/PDF document), to the email address sjc145supa@gmail.com. Please be reminded that the deadline for submission of soft-copy requests is 22:00 prior to the day of the announcement.

For all hard-copy PA requests, please hand in the request to the SU Office before the end of the school day. Please be reminded that all hard-copy PAs submitted must be accompanied by an email following the aforementioned soft-copy format for documentation.

For all announcements to be done in Chinese or Putonghua, please reserve a designated speaker (that is not in Form 4 or 6). The speaker's name and contact number should be attached in the application email. Speakers are reminded to arrive at Meeting Room 1 before 8:10 in winter time and 8:00 in summer time. Failure to meet such requirements might result in termination of the application.

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